Shift without Lift
We help you transform your business based on your needs by shifting your IT towards today's requirements. We match the pace of your business with the pace of IT change without reinventing your whole legacy systems and processes. Unlock rapid progress, leverage the cloud, drive automation, and diminish security risks with us.
Compress years of digital transformation into months
Go cloud-native without heavy financial or time investment
Match the development of IT solutions with the pace of your business

Our approach

Our enterprise architects base their decision on extensive experience to help you make a calculated leap and avoid common pitfalls of trendy modernization strategies. With our architectural approach in combining existing systems and new technologies, you won’t need to spend millions on rebuilding the whole business logic:

  • We master encapsulation of your current systems

  • We leverage cloud services to get advanced

  • hyperscale analytics at speed and with a level of simplicity - turning your data into value.

  • We focus on a built-in quality approach and set up advanced CI/CD pipelines

  • We work agile. It is the fastest way to embrace modern technologies, elevate products, and thrive in the world of ever-changing customer needs.

This makes it efficient, fast, and future-proof.

Business challenge > Evaluation > Elevated cloud solution

Rapid evaluation

We start by defining your problem. By determining what is most valuable to the business at the present moment, we can evaluate your current ecosystem in terms of:

Usability / reusability

Based on the collected information we develop a tailored proposal how to solve your business challenge by building a new solution on top or additionally to your old legacy systems
Rapid elevation

We implement solutions on top or next to old legacy systems. As a first step, it is common that we complete a small-scale visualization exercise (PoC) to verify the potential real-life application of the idea. We iterate to deliver a sufficient MVP, deploy it and then incrementally develop the full-scale solution.

To make it rapid we focus on leveraging maximum out-of-cloud services.
Maintenance & Support

Once we've deployed a new solution we offer a dedicated team that routinely works on your product optimization and keeps it up and running 24/7.
Are you ready to elevate
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