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We develop digital products & services that excite your customers and implement enterprise solutions that accelerate your business into the digital world.

We accompany you every step of your digital transformation journey. From building customer-centric digital products & services to enterprise modernization and agile coaching, we make sure that the needed change happens.

We look at each of our clients individually and don't rely on standard solutions. We don't just give you advice or a ready-made plan of how to achieve your goals. Instead, we help you understand why that advice is the best way forward and introduce you to the principles that will let you achieve your business objectives in the most efficient way.
We don’t just give you the answers, we’re with you
every step of the way.

For us, our clients are never just “another project”. We always take their goals as our own and find the most optimal ways to achieve them. Our services are delivered based on the latest and most suitable technology stack and have already implemented changes within the structures of leading automotive companies.

Our offering

Shift Without


We help you transform your business based on your needs by shifting your IT towards todays requirements. We match the pace of your business with the pace of IT change without reinventing your whole legacy systems and processes. Unlock rapid progress, leverage cloud, drive automation and diminish security risks with us.

Rapid Evaluation

Rapid Elevation

Maintenance & Support

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Digital Products & Services

We help you turn your idea into an exciting, customer-centric product or service. From compelling PoCs and MVP to scaled solutions, we put product management at the heart of every project. This is how we ensure high delivery value, charged with cutting-edge technology and user-centred design.

Rapid PoC Development

Rapid Implementation

Maintenance & Support

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We help you transform your company towards agility and apply internal changes based on agile values, principles and practices. In a world of ever-changing customers needs, fast adaption is essential. We make sure to increase your ability to align the strategic intent and the outcome.

Entry Agile

Agile Team

Agile Leadership

Agile Boost

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