Agile Coaching
We help you transform your company towards agility and apply internal changes based on agile values, principles and practices. In a world of ever-changing customers needs, fast adaption is essential. We make sure to increase your ability to align the strategic intent and the outcome.
We guide teams through the implementation process of agile transformation. We do not only care about the current state of your organization, we care about where it is headed, too. We focus on value flow and clarity of purpose to align people around value proposition and not just another project.

We do it AGILE.

We believe that agility is the fastest way to embrace modern technologies, elevate products, and thrive in the world of ever-changing customer needs.

Agile Entry
Designed to evaluate the level of agility in the company.

We collect data from product management and coding practices, processes, tools, and communication patterns. This data is then analyzed, evaluated and used to define key parts for improvement. It includes selected agile metrics and their analysis as well as tailored strategies to advance the current level of agility.

Process agility evaluation
Product value flow identification
Organizational and team structure visualisation
Level of teams' self-organization
Agile Team
Focuses on training high-performing and autonomous product engineering teams.

Hands-on coaching helps to improve process flow efficiency, shorten the development cycle time, and modernize coding practices. We help teams to manage tech dependencies, reduce the number of meetings and improve internal communication.

Increased process efficiency
Modernized product development practices
Improved communication across the organization
Established process feedback loop with each team for continuous improvement
Agile Leadership
Includes everything in the Agile Team Package with an additional leadership coaching on how to run an agile organization.

We help companies restructure existing teams in a more agile way. Furthermore, we guide them through the best iterative product development practices and assure having more predictable release schedules. By introducing relevant agile metrics and reorganizing client data, we teach the agile teams how to make better product decisions and validate the real value delivered.

Team leadership coaching on how to run agile teams
Creating a more predictable and sustainable product deployment cycle
Theoretical and practical training on relevant agile frameworks
Guidance towards test automation, CI/CD, and other technical milestones
Elevate your product offering.
Embrace the latest technology.
Leverage agile for your advantage.
Agile Boost
Strategic and tactical support for existing agile organizations that want to improve their ability to adjust to market needs.

We revisit each team’s structure and offer the right agile framework for the team’s needs. While coaching leadership to run an agile organization, we foster safe experimentation culture, establish internal feedback loops, and increase transparency. We simplify technical dependency management and internal communication. If needed, agile scaling can be executed.

Establishing safe and low risk ways to experiment and innovate
Increasing transparency within the engineering organization
Reducing and managing technical dependencies
Scaling agile teams
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